Please see below an overview of our training modules. For more details, please get in touch via our contact form.

Intercultural Training

What happens when people move from one culture to another? What are some of the distinctive features of the cultures found in Central Asia, the Middle East and East Africa? How might these affect attitudes to identity, communication, status?

Using games, personal stories and discussion we help learners to empathise with people functioning outside their home culture and explore key ways in which cultures differ and the implications of this for intercultural communication.


Asylum Process Training

Where do refugees come from? Why do they leave their home countries? Why do children come on their own? What is the asylum process in the UK? What are the needs of asylum seeking adults and children in the various stages of this process?

Games, case studies, discussions and data visualisations are used to explore the experiences of asylum seekers and refugees within the UK and the provision of services to this vulnerable client group.


Current Training

Please see our Eventbrite page for current or future training sessions open to everyone.


Customised Training

Working from first principles, we can design bespoke training to meet the needs of your organisation. We can use our own expertise in intercultural and asylum matters, or work with your subject matter experts.